San Antonio Outpaces Austin, Houston In Millennial Gains

Think more young people are moving to Austin than San Antonio? Think again. For the first time in, well, forever, the rate of millennials moving to San Antonio has edged out the hip Texas metro. According to a Bloomberg report, San Antonio had nearly a 30 percent jump in its millennial population between 2000 and […]

Axon Equity Investor Dinner

AXON EQUITY INVESTOR DINNER The Axon Equity team provided a wonderful investor dinner meeting discussing the advantages of commercial multifamily investing for doctors. It was very well attended by doctors of many backgrounds and specialties. Recent Posts

Why Doctors Invest In Commercial Multifamily Real Estate

Why Doctors Invest In Commercial Multifamily Real Estate     I always knew that real estate was a great investment, but if you are anything like me, I was always too afraid to take that risk without the proper knowledge base. Fast forward many years and now I have understood why this was such a […]

Baby Boomers, Like Millenials Are Flocking To Rentals Offering A “Hands Free Lifestyle”

Baby Boomers, Like Millenials Are Flocking to Rentals Offering a “Hands-Free Lifestyle” Russ Chung once lived in a sizable Midwest home, but he recently downsized to a luxury one-bedroom rental in Midtown Manhattan just blocks from Central Park. Now, rather than mowing a lawn, the 60-year-old higher education administrator spends his free time visiting museums […]

Stocks Are So Volatile! What Are We To Do?

Stocks Are So Volatile! What Are We To Do??? Fellow colleagues, just look at today’s financial news: Stocks Tumble in US., Europe as Brexit Vote Delayed (Wall Street Journal)Dow Drops 500 Points as Market Sell-Off Continues, Bank Shares Lead Slide (CNBC)Dow Sinks 799 Points as Trade Truce Enthusiasm Fades (CNN)U.S. Stocks Plunge by 500 Points Before Staging A […]

NOW, I Finally Get It… After 23 Years In Practice

Throughout my career, I was hesitant to invest in real estate. Now I have participated in $190 million in commercial multifamily real estate acquisitions along with our asset manager partners. Doctors, in general, tend to be very risk-averse. We are taught to invest only in things we understand. Well, the only thing we are taught […]