How It Works


Present Opportunities to Investors

We present the available acquisition opportunities to our accredited investors via a webinar or onsite. After this, our investors will receive details of the investment strategy with our analysis and expected returns, and then have the opportunity to discuss with your advisors. We are easily accessible to answer any questions.


Education & Access to Deal Flow

We provide education to our doctor investors via webinars, live conferences and newsletters. Once our investors see the amazing benefits of this investment class, we will set up a one-on-one conference call or meeting to discuss our strategy in more detail. If we are a fit for each other, we will then present our acquisition deal flow that previously was only available to a very limited number of high net worth individuals.



Once our investors review and decide that the presented asset is an excellent investment to receive quarterly passive income with excellent tax benefits, then they sign in to our online portal and place their investment. After this, we will manage the asset from beginning to end and continue searching for the next acquisition to offer our investors. In the meantime, our investors can continue practicing medicine while we help them grow their nest egg.